Boardmaps overview

BoardMaps offers businesses the board meeting management software. It will not only allow holding virtual meetings but significantly improve real-life ones and the workflow of the board of directors in general. In BoardMaps, all the current issues are gathered in scope to increase visibility and make sure directors don’t forget about any single matter they need to solve. This scope also eases the preparation process – the responsible member can create an agenda of the upcoming meeting, picking out specific issues from the scope. The agenda establishes a plan of the event allowing all directors to get ready for the discussion more precisely. 


Headquarter:New York

The United Kingdom becomes more and more attractive for businesses due to recent political and economic changes. However, companies here face some additional challenges. European business owners don’t have to go through much hassle holding board meetings with remote members of the board and partners. But entrepreneurs from the UK have to bear a somewhat lasting flight.

Get ready in advance

The primary reason why board meetings are unproductive is that directors don’t prepare for them. Thus, the event that is meant to be an efficient discussion turns into getting everyone updated on what’s going on in all departments. As a result, once all participants finally fully understand the current situation, they are tired and can’t effectively solve issues.

But if directors come to the meeting already knowing everything they need to know to discuss plans, they can jump straight to the decision-making, wasting no time. It is possible with BoardMaps, where all the information is stored conveniently and is easy to access. Moreover, directors can use built-in chats to discuss minor matters and ask questions before the event.

Stay focused during the meeting

It’s easy to get distracted as the discussion proceeds. But when you have a definite plan, you can just stick to it, making sure no one forgets about essential things. With BoardMaps all participants, both physically present and remote, can access the required information during the meeting. Also, as directors come up with ideas, they can create drafts of decisions and vote on them using BoardMaps. All the decisions made during the meeting are recorded and stored in BoardMaps. Directors can access them at any moment later to revise.

Once everyone agreed on the plan, they can plan their actions in the BoardMaps app, assign deadlines and a responsible person to it. Thus, the board of directors can be sure that everything is registered, and they didn’t miss out on anything. 

Take actions and monitor results

Since all the tasks are visible for everyone, directors can follow the progress on them and make sure everything gets done. It also allows executives to spot the flaws in the workflow and fix them to improve productivity.