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iDeals Virtual Board RoomBasically, iDeals Virtual Board Room is a revolutionary platform that enables improved meeting preparation and holding. As a result, the committees and executives can concentrate their attention on the programs and initiatives rather than preparation and administration. With the help of the virtual board room, the meeting is focused on making some decisions and linking them to actions.The main specification of iDeals board portal is the guarantee of the relation between the decision and the final result. Contrary to less modern board rooms, iDeals helps companies to go through all the stages of the process, including:

  • Preparation. During the preparatory stage, you can organize the necessary issues and valuable materials into matters. Then, regularly update the agenda to remain concentrated on inevitable matters;
  • Agenda. With the board room, you can send and manage all the invitations for separate agenda items or a whole meeting. Besides, it is an exclusive way to share pre-meeting documents to promote action planning and decision making to a completely new level;
  • Meeting. At this stage, you can organize and conduct meetings remotely from any convenient device, or in person. The online discussion is possible in real time using the ability to broadcast the meeting;
  • Decision. During the process of discussion, you can access all the necessary information, including current and historic. Electronic voting and signing are also possible. Additionally, with the help of the board of directors portal, there is an opportunity to initiate items online, assign owners and set deadlines;
  • Action. While making conclusions and holding statistics are important parts of the process, iDeals board meeting management software cares about this stage as well. It offers an ability to send reminders, valuable results, and statistics, as well as organize discussion and commenting.Result. Get a protected access to materials and records used during the process of decision making.