Following numerous reviews, holding online board room meetings is an effective way to lead the business, discuss important issues with the members of the board of directors and take common decisions. Apart from being a convenient way of information, ideas, and plans exchange, boardroom software is also an effective option to use.

Feature versatility in committee management software directly translates into the ultimate value for the board. While selecting the most convenient virtual boardroom, focus on the providers that offer the following 5 groups of features that allow significantly improve the board’s performance:

  1. Meeting management
  2. Decision making and control
  3. Security
  4. Business developement
  5. SSO

Let’s start our overview with the meeting management features.

Meeting management features

  • Meetings’ centralization

Map out all the past and upcoming meetings to better visualize the strategy accomplishment and improve governance. This feature combines a meeting calendar scheduler with attendance responses tracking and key points of the forthcoming meeting to save directors’ time and allow them to focus on their duties. 

  • Members directory

Locate the necessary board members in moments to request e-signatures, learn about their task progress, explore their availability, and more. A straightforward directory with member photos and bios enhances internal communication by raising recognition and convenience for everyone involved. 

  • Agenda creation

Leverage off your company’s policies and previous meeting minutes to create agendas faster and more effectively. Digital agendas allow featuring related documents, commencing virtual voting, maintaining a real-time discussion, and addressing personal notes. An agenda will stay open throughout the meeting to help you ensure optimal administration. 

  • Meeting minutes

An automated minutes generator reduces administrative costs and efforts, improves accountability, and enhances the communication quality among members. You can choose your level of involvement, use templates, and easily share the minutes with all members. 

  • E-signature

E-signatures substantially accelerate document signing and approval compared to traditional paper document processing. The board administrators can request signatures from particular members, track compliance, and monitor document status while offering an entirely legal, convenient signing approach to the directors. 

  • Board reporting

Utilize the dashboard view of your goal tracking board to evaluate the performance, establish strategies, and direct members’ attention to the critical areas. Automatically generated reports also serve as excellent visual aids during key meetings and help to adopt a better governance approach.

  • Document center

Organize and share all board-related documents easily and securely. Use the committee management software file directory to store data, locate and amend the necessary documents faster, customize the organizational layout, arrange a board policy library, and reduce the environmental footprint by transitioning to paperless conduct.

  • Video integration

An option to hold a board meeting by video conferencing saves directors’ time since it lets them contribute from any location and time zone. Video meetings also improve participation and acknowledgment as all members are displayed equally. 

Decision making and control

  • Voting and results reporting

Virtual voting enables directors to contribute in and out of meetings, increases the contribution amount, and allows faster, more navigated vote summaries. And the anonymous voting feature can help to understand the general notions within the board without putting anyone on the spot.

  • Task management

Create group and individual tasks, assign duties, and track the accomplishment progress within one centralized screen. A goal progress tracker is a great solution to board activity systematization and accountability improvement of each contributing member. 

  • News and announcements

Get notified of any updates in the meeting calendar scheduler, company events, or agenda changes via text message or email. The notification tools help administrators ensure the appropriate information distribution and prompt the directors to make timely contributions.

  • Communication

Contact other members online and offline inside the committee management software to centralize and secure all discussions. Get in touch with the entire board, select members, or individual directors to discuss upcoming meetings, strategies, and other matters.


Gathering all the board members in a single board meeting tool is a perfect scenario for an organization or department. However, how secure is it? Nowadays, with a strong trend on remote collaboration and multiple devices used for work, security becomes one of the biggest concerns.

The safety of the software is a crucial point, which is the key to successful and flawless collaboration. Selecting a platform for a boardroom meeting, you should pay due attention to the level of protection.

The latest encryption version, two-factor authentication, personalized access, and other methods help to protect the platform from unauthorized access and information from being passed to third parties. Join the meeting using your individual login and password, approving them with the help of a special security code sent to your mobile device.

Video conferencing is another quality tool that sets online, real-time communication among business partners. This is an ideal method to discuss problems and find solutions. Besides, board meetings have other benefits for the company, as they provide a chance to share important papers, materials, and documents, so partners have insight into the decisions.

Better Efficiency and Resource-Savings

The most common advantages of using boardroom platforms include the following:

Cost-effective meetings
When comparing online meetings to physical ones, the first ones require only a mobile device or a computer and the Internet, while its results are comparatively higher. Thus, with a digital boardroom, you can save not only time but money.
Information exchange
Ability to exchange important information. Individual access is required in order to enter the meeting. Once you are logged in, you will be able to share information with other board members for the most effective decision making.
Enhanced efficiency and productivity
With a quality digital boardroom, there is an opportunity to interact in the most convenient ways, presenting different files and sharing important materials, which contributes to the beneficial final results of the meeting.
Better opportunities
People have got an exclusive opportunity to attend the meeting from any place only having access to the Internet. No matter if you are abroad on vacation or in your workspace, with easy access and protected connection, participation in discussion became simple and safe.

Business development

The challenge with data management starts at the moment when there is a need to analyze and manage documents and launch them at work. Since data analytics appears to be one of the business priorities, it is essential to deal with the problem in a fast and quality manner.

Online board tool is one of the innovative and up-to-date ways to fulfill the task. In addition, using this type of software in business presupposes a range of other benefits:

  • Simplified planning and better stimulation. The members of the boardroom can view the presented information, analyze alternative courses and compare the influences of potential decisions;
  • Influential meetings. Visualized data and other important information can be used during the conversation to explain certain details and help in choosing further solutions when needed;
  • Data-driven insights. With boardroom meetings, there is an opportunity to explore the connection between various data sets, using them for further analysis and discussion;
  • Access to quality content. Business directors and leaders get free access to data models, predefined queries and other materials, related to the business project.
  • Offline mode. Access the complete board platform functionality, including the agenda builder, voting, e-signing, and more without relying on the internet connection. Just like the online version, the offline mode should be available via all devices and operating systems.

Multiple boards single sign-on

Directors who sit on multiple boards and committees can save a lot of time through the single sign-on schedule board software option. Overlooking all boards simultaneously allows for better planning, increased security, and faster communication. 

Choose the best committee management software provider

As you compare schedule board software providers and their feature offerings, concentrate on meeting your board’s unique requirements. Assess the current strengths and weaknesses to discover which tools will allow directors to perform more effectively. 
Head over to our board portal comparison page to select the top committee management software on the UK market and make the appropriate choice for your case.