Board Intelligence board portal overview

Board Intelligence is board management software that helps simplify corporate governance and allows board members to have secure access to board packs, conduct remote meetings, and collaborate effectively with the team. 

The company was founded in 2008 in London, United Kingdom with a mission to improve the quality of decision-making in the boardroom.

Today, over 35,000 board members and executives from small businesses, mid-size businesses, and large enterprises use the Board intelligence board portal. Here’s what they use it for:

  1. Remote board meetings
  2. Collaboration via notes and messages
  3. Data storage and distribution 
  4. Board pack creation 
  5. Agenda building

The software is beneficial for a variety of industries, including:

  • Financial services 
  • Healthcare
  • Education 
  • Private equity firms
  • Utilities 
  • Engineering
  • Entertainment 
  • Fund administration

In general, according to the Board Intelligence reviews, the clients are satisfied with the provider’s services and consider its solution convenient and cost-effective. 

Product capabilities

Here are the main Board Intelligence features that help boards simplify their everyday routine tasks.

Meeting management features 

  • Agendas templates. Users like this feature as it allows them to easily create and share an agenda, so they quickly get back to more important tasks.
  • Split-screen functionality. Board members use this feature to see both their pack and virtual meeting app side-by-side, or compare papers.
  • Integration with video conference apps. Board members can have secure and efficient meetings from anywhere. They like this functionality as it saves much time and money spent on business travel.

Collaboration features 

  • Notifications. Board directors receive tailored notifications when a new pack is published. It helps them not to miss important updates.
  • Annotations. Board members say a variety of annotation tools help them make notes when working with documents. In such a way, they don’t forget anything.
  • E-signatures. Users like this feature because it significantly speeds up the approval process. 
  • Reports. Board Intelligence provides users with a report-writing toolkit which helps them write board reports quickly and save much time.

Document management features

  • Drag-n-drop. Users can drag and drop agenda items and files and share them with others seamlessly.
  • Quick search. Some users mention that it’s very convenient to look for specific information among hundreds of documents.
  • Board materials storage and distribution. Boards, according to the reviews of Board Intelligence, can no longer worry about the security of board papers they store online. They’re protected by numerous security features.

Main advantages

Here’s what users like about Board Intelligence software:

  1. Mobile app. Board Intelligence offers not only browser-based web access, but also apps for Windows 10, macOS, iPad, and iPhone.
  2. Information security. Features like two-factor authentication, encryption, and regulatory compliance protect board documents from unauthorized access, breaches, and leakages.
  3. Intuitive interface. Users mention how easy it is to start using the board portal due to straightforward navigation and user-friendly design.
  4. Helpful training resources. Learning tools, webinars, videos, and documentation help board and leadership teams find answers to questions about the platform quickly and easily. There’s also an in-person training option.
  5. 24/7 customer support. Board Intelligence offers a number of support options, including email/help desk, phone support, 24/7 (live rep), knowledge base, and chat. 

Main disadvantages 

There are several things the Board Intelligence platform could improve:

  1. Inflexible agenda builder. Some users complain they can’t customize the agenda and add their own fields. This is inconvenient as they have to produce their own separate agenda.
  2. Minor malfunctions. Board directors say sometimes they have to reload the app to get access.
  3. Drag-n-drop. Some users say they’d like to be able to drag and drop files across different shelves and bookcases.
  4. Limited third-party integration. Clients that use multiple cloud-based tools say they require native integration or third-party extension options.


Does the Board Intelligence platform offer a free trial or demo?

The online board portal offers a 30-day free trial and gives users full access to all its services. Users can also book a free demo to see how the platform works.

How much does Board Intelligence cost?

To get the pricing details, prospects need to contact the provider’s sales representative. But, according to the users’ reviews, the Board Intelligence platform has mid-range prices.

Who Board Intelligence is best for?

Board Intelligence is best for small, medium, and large businesses, nonprofit organizations, and public administrations.