Knowa software overview

Knowa is an online board portal operated by Knowa Inc, an English corporate governance software provider founded in 2018 and located in London, United Kingdom. 

Knowa helps British businesses overcome corporate governance challenges. It allows executives to share board materials, hold remote meetings, and make better decisions thanks to seamless communication.

Knowa targets non-profit and healthcare organizations, governing bodies, and businesses across many industries, including finance, energy, law, and others.

Product capabilities

Knowa board portal helps directors create a unified vision of their businesses and eliminate communication issues with the following capabilities.

Meeting management

With Knowa, directors and corporate secretaries can communicate more data faster and more consistently using the following tools:

  • Agenda builder. You can create interactive agendas using a drag-n-drop builder, attach files and meeting minutes, and assign attendees. Corporate secretaries can prepare and edit meeting minutes in real time through an intuitive interface and easily track attendees.
  • Meeting packs. Compile reports, meeting minutes, and supporting documents into easily shareable files. Board members can reduce communication silos by sharing and discussing meeting packs in one site.
  • Annotation tools. You can view documents, highlight insights, and leave helpful annotations to deliver ideas and make informed decisions. This feature helps directors become more agile when sharing their visions and addressing business challenges.

Easy knowledge discovery

Knowa board management software is a secure file repository for all your business materials. It creates a frictionless board management workflow where everyone directly interacts with each other and keeps critical data at their fingertips. Knowa data repository has the following document management features:

  • Unlimited storage. Use as much storage as you need for information-intense processes and long-term communication. It helps your colleagues focus on what matters.
  • AI-powered search. Locate files using an AI-powered search module that adapts to your queries in real time and pulls data instantly. Knowa users appreciate this feature as it allows them to get historical knowledge of their business decisions.
  • Customizable filing structure. Reflect your governance workflows and keep board materials organized using a customizable content structure. Users can have a better picture of important documents and preserve the filing structure across ecosystems.

Collaboration tools

You can make your boardroom seamless and distraction-free with the following features:

  • Task management module. Assign tasks to attendees and ensure everyone is focused and engaged. It helps directors structure meetings and cover agenda topics more efficiently.
  • Approval process. Create customizable polls to approve decisions and sign documents on the platform directly. This functionality helps Knowa users reduce third-party logins and increase meeting efficiency.
  • Groups, chats, and discussions. Discuss agendas and meeting packs in live discussions, group chats, and individual messages. In-app communication helps Knowa customers focus on governance while limiting third-party apps.

Main advantages

Knowa has a high rating on review platforms and a positive reputation. For instance, European Pension Awards 2022 shortlisted Knowa under the technology category. Directors and managers also appreciate this platform for the following advantages.

Rich integrations 

Knowa connects to Zapier, giving you access to over 5,000 app integrations. You can synchronize this portal with whatever service you need.

For instance, you can connect Knowa to a Zoom remote meeting, RSS feed, or Google Workspace.

Intuitive design

Based on verified Knowa reviews from Getapp, Capterra, and SoftwareAdvice, customers appreciate its user-friendly interface. You can locate the main features from one panel due to intuitive navigation on desktop and mobile devices.

Industry-leading protection

Companies and organizations choose Knowa for its advanced data protection features. This board collaboration and governance platform offers granular access permissions to protect confidential files from unauthorized access.

Beyond that, you can enable two-factor authentication, single sign-on (SSO), and password policies using integrations.

Besides, Knowa complies with industry-leading security standards, including FedRaMP, ISO 27001 and 27018, SOC 2, HIPAA, and PCI DSS.

Main disadvantages

Although Knowa shows reliable performance and meets most boardroom software standards, it still has some space for improvement. Users point out a few Knowa’s disadvantages.

Limited base functionality 

Knowa lacks some features, like video conferencing or electronic signature. However, plentiful integrations can compensate for that, as you can connect this portal to whatever app you need.

Thus, many companies consider Knowa a future-proof hub with unlimited possibilities. Plus, this provider improves its software with regular updates.

No 24/7 customer support 

Knowa offers friendly and helpful customer support. However, you can contact sales and technical support only via email or online chat. No helpline is available.

As for response time, Knowa says its support team replies in 20 minutes. It is true. However, the team is unavailable during late hours and on weekends.

Lack of public learning tools

Knowa’s website features a help center. Yet, it only displays three articles in two categories. Still, you may find a few more articles using a search box, although it doesn’t show results consistently.

Nevertheless, Knowa provides training resources during the onboarding stage, including one-on-one video calls and in-app tutorials.


How to start using the Knowa board platform?

To start using Knowa, you need to schedule a free demo and decide on the pricing plan to meet your requirements. Afterward, you can subscribe for a 30-day free trial.

How much does Knowa cost?

Knowa charges an annual price, from £1,350 to £10,000, with unlimited storage, users, and features included under the basic plan.

Is Knowa a good brand?

Knowa is a secure platform that provides robust boardroom management features plus 5,000 integrations. It offers a solid price-value ratio assuming it starts at only $135 per month.

Considering its trustworthiness and all-around compliance, it might be a working solution for nonprofits and businesses of all sizes.