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Easy-to-use, modern and 100% protected mobile board meetings software is available within Boardeffect. When using the platform, managers and directors can significantly improve the organizational methods, strengthen the advantages and follow the trends of the market. All the best tools and modern solutions are available within the platform.

The board pack solutions include:

Intuitive workflow. It stimulates the daily advancement of your organization’s mission;

  • Special solution, which aligns with the leading practices, associated with governance and aimed at enhancement of generative thinking about the completion of the mission;
  • Collaborative features, which promote successful measurement of strategic properties and flawless management.

Basically, a board portal is a secure, paperless platform that allows easy communication among board members. Besides, board packs usually include an opportunity to annotate meeting in minutes, share important materials and analyze the results of the meeting. The most important feature is complete safety, which means the access is available only for specified board members, while uploaded documents and other information sources are protected with up-to-date safety measures.

Among other advantages and specifications of Boardeffect use customers specify the following:

  • Effectiveness and efficiency. Provided structure and framework, wide resource database and related tools assist board members in fulfillment of their responsibilities. At the same time, the quality management software provides necessary support and relevant tools for improved consistency and efficiency of the solutions;
  • The simplicity of use. The feature, which is the priority, helps to fulfill important and complicated tasks easily. High mobility, complete control, and security of the meeting-related processes are still guaranteed;
  • Quality of software. With innovative solutions, board members can get ready and lead the meeting efficiently, managing the subsequent follow through the follow-up. Extra services within the platform include an ability to create online board books, archives, tasks, and approvals.

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