Boardeffect overview

BoardEffect overview

BoardEffect is an agile board management solution for streamlined workflow organization and processing of board cycles. The solution allows users to gather and store board materials, communicate with each other, and attend to their duties remotely. 

The BoardEffect platform was developed by an Australian company established in 2007. In 2016, their enterprise was acquired by Diligent, one of the largest American SaaS providers. By joining the Diligent brand, BoardEffect expanded its operation regions and enriched the toolset offered to clients. 

The software’s board service enables simplified preparation, planning, and execution for all types of board assemblies. Company types that benefit from the Board Effect platform the most are non-profit organizations, higher education institutions, community banks, and healthcare establishments.

Product capabilities

According to user reviews, BoardEffect is an easy-to-use, modern mobile board meetings software. When using the platform, managers and members can significantly improve their organizational methods, strengthen their advantages, and follow the trends of the market.

Although the BoardEffect team doesn’t provide the same amazing customer service as other board portals within this segment, their software is reportedly logical and easy to set up. Additionally, some members have pointed out the ability to access the portal via an iOS app, which simplifies remote collaborations. 

Some of the most notable BoardEffect features can be divided into three categories described below. 


BoardEffect assists admins with all the necessary tools for storing confidential data, assembling board materials, developing agendas, and synchronizing calendars to invite guest directors. Boards can also communicate faster by using a full contact directory built into the platform. 


BoardEffect delivers real-time contribution features that allow members to join meetings remotely through an app, access meeting materials stored within a secure file sharing system, and make timely, informed decisions. By centralizing most board interactions, the software also increases transparency and compliance of all activities.


To successfully implement their strategies and drive the business forward, Board Effect users utilize software instruments to sign essential documents, review the details of past gatherings, and host committee meetings inside and outside the primary cycle. 

BoardEffect advantages

BoardEffect has a vast customer network of non-profit health system organizations, community banks, and education facilities. According to these users, the advantages of the platform are:

  • Security 

BoardEffect enables participants to secure governance via a sophisticated collection of data protection mechanisms. The provider’s protocols and facilities are suited according to ISO 27001, ISO 27017, SOC 1, SOC 2, and HIPAA standards.

And features such as adaptable role-based access add extra layers of confidentiality to highly critical contact details, strategies, and contracts. 

  • Sufficient features

Board Effect solution is equipped with all the fundamental features such as live chats for remote collaboration, tools that allow to view files of all formats, including members’ headshots and key contracts, and a smart meeting scheduler.

With BoardEffect portal’s resource library of innovative solutions, members can get ready and lead the meeting efficiently, managing the subsequent follow-through. 

Extra services within the platform include the ability to create online board books, archives, tasks, and approvals.

  • Software quality

Board Effect’s structure and framework, wide resource database, and related instruments assist administrators and board members in fulfilling their responsibilities. 

At the same time, the quality management software provides critical to modern governance tools such as a mobile app, file archiving features, and instruments for building meeting books.

BoardEffect disadvantages

  • Lack of flexibility

According to some reviews, the BoardEffect feature set is not adjustable, which prevents some boards from attending to their duties effectively. For example, the tool doesn’t offer solutions for uploading existing agenda templates.

  • Hard-to-navigate interface

Senior executives refer to the software as requiring a lot of time to fully comprehend and use at complete capacity. Additionally, according to some reviews, the iOS app lacks functionality.

  • Insufficient training

Board Effect might be harder to implement for larger firms, as the provider’s training team does not deliver ongoing support other than what is described in the initial agreement. To resolve a technical issue, the users must contact the provider by phone or email, which sometimes might take longer than expected.