Boardvantage product overview

Boardvantage is board portal software for corporate executives developed by Nasdaq, an American corporate governance software provider. Boardvantage helps over 225K board directors from 50+ countries make decisions faster in a secure collaborative hub.

It allows board members and managers to conduct board meetings, keep board materials organized, and improve business processes before, during, and after meetings.

Nasdaq Boardvantage will suit a financial services company, a nonprofit organization, or a large enterprise.As for costs, you can request a free demo and a free trial. You have to contact the customer representative to get a Nasdaq Boardvantage price range as the company tailors service costs to customer needs.

Product capabilities

Boardvantage offers the following functionalities.

Meeting management for board members

Boardvantage from Nasdaq has an intuitive meeting management tool where you can create agendas using predefined templates. Or, you can customize them to your liking, improving collaboration.

This management tool allows you to:

  1. Share agendas with invited users.
  2. Attach files and links to agendas to keep your team updated and prepared.
  3. Generate detailed meeting minutes to help executives digest decisions and turn them into actions. 
  4. Choose between minute types and attach files.
  5. Conduct virtual meetings due to videoconferencing app integration.

Paperless document management features

Nasdaq Boardvantage allows you to harness the full potential of paperless boards thanks to a document repository. Send unlimited documents across your teams instead of compiling and shipping hefty files.

Drag-and-drop upload in original format

Nasdaq supports popular file formats, like PDF, DOCX, XLSX, JPEG, and others, to let you reduce pre-upload preparations.

Easy and fast drag-and-drop upload allows you to manage many documents in a few clicks. You can also upload, create, and rearrange folders within the content tree structure.

Many Boardvantage users say uploading files in their original formats saves time on document preparation – there is no need to convert or edit files before upload.

Task management module

Thanks to Boardvantage, corporate executives can assign and track tasks during the meeting. You can send notifications and reminders to inform team members about current and finished tasks.

Board documentation management

Board book creation features of Nasdaq Boardvantage allow you to compile digital board books after linking materials to your agenda.

  1. Select the agenda file and choose “create a board book” from the right-click menu.
  2. The menu will show agenda-linked documents – they can be in different file formats.
  3. Press “save,” and the system will merge these files into a single PDF board document.

Fairly intuitive board portal

Nasdaq Boardvantage offers a user-friendly dashboard where you can manage meeting materials, arrange remote meetings, and customize directors’ profiles.

The dashboard features interactive content cards you can easily rearrange to meet your business goals. Boardvantage also provides training resources for faster boardroom deployment.

Meeting calendar

The Boardvantage dashboard features a convenient calendar so that board directors and corporate secretaries can keep track of past, current, and upcoming meetings. You can also view meeting details and agendas through the calendar.

Surveys and voting

Administrators can save time collecting executive’s opinions with helpful online surveys by Boardvantage. 

Identify board strengths and weaknesses, monitor performance, and allow directors to streamline decision-making processes with flexible surveys.

Boardvantage users appreciate a survey tool as it allows them to complete small tasks like picking an appropriate meeting date in minutes.

Plus, board directors like Boardvantage voting tools that help them reach a consensus on resolutions, budgets, and agendas without gathering meetings.

Main advantages of Nasdaq Boardvantage

Over 4K organizations prefer Nasdaq Boardvantage due to the following advantages.

Fully-functional mobile boardroom and offline access

Businesses switch to Boardvantage because it allows them to set up remote communications and streamline meeting management on mobile devices.

Board committees can sign documents, arrange meetings, and manage board files online and offline from anywhere at any time. You can download an iOS application and transfer the entire workflow to your iPad.

Ease of use

Every other Nasdaq Boardvantage review tells that the app helps executives collaborate easier – customers note they improve meeting management thanks to:

  • Text markups and annotations. You can create bookmarks, annotations, and comments and highlight important content within documents. 
  • Smart reports. Boardvantage tracks user activity and generates detailed reports with heat maps.
  • In-app email. Executives can reach out to each other directly on the platform.
  • In-build functionalities for an easy document approval process. Sign and approve board materials electronically from anywhere.

Reliable customer support

Boardvantage provides round-the-clock customer support through several channels:

  • Online chat
  • Email
  • Phone support
  • Learning tools for executives, committees, and administrators
  • Comprehensive FAQs, guides, and whitepapers

The company’s reliable customer support ensures a smooth experience for all Boardvantage users.

Industry-leading security measures

Boardvantage applies the following security measures:

  • Two-factor authentication
  • AES 256-bit data encryption
  • TLS 1.2 connection encryption
  • Environmental, physical, and software protection of data servers

Permission-based access

Boardvantage customers can rest assured that sensitive business materials remain protected as the app offers enhanced security controls:

  1. Granular access permissions. Restrict users or groups of users from viewing particular folders and files.
  2. Customizable user rights. Control who can do what within the boardroom.
  3. Remote purge. Admins can delete board materials from user devices remotely.

Main disadvantages

While most Boardvantage users feel satisfied with the site, some customers report a lack of app integration and other minor details.

For instance, the board portal doesn’t support some video conferencing platforms like Webex. A lack of Microsoft Outlook support also upsets some clients. Nonetheless, the company collects user feedback and improves its product regularly.