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Brainloop Board Portal

The platform serves as an effective solution aimed at top-quality and completely confidential communications. The innovative digital platform makes board communication significantly more professional still adhering to the compliance requirements.

Similar to Diligent and related providers, Brainloop offers professional and precise communication within the company. A range of available tools and functions help company assistants and board offices get ready with the meeting documents and make sure they are relevant, even though certain changes can be made in seconds before the meeting. Even vulnerable meeting materials can be accessed from the mobile device or desktop. The up-to-date level of protection is a standard that is not discussed within the platform. Additionally, Brainloop board management software can significantly simplify the process of decision making and solution creation. Its convenient and efficient features guarantee easy, protected and convenient use:

  • Integrated rights management;
  • Regulated access to important materials and other papers;
  • Two-factor authentication;
  • Tamper-proof audit of the actions;
  • Quality management system that provides a document editing tool;
  • Restricted access;
  • Drag and drop document uploading;
  • Full-text search;
  • Automatic folder update the moment individual papers are changed;
  • Ability to add comments and make notes;
  • Mobile decision making;
  • Availability of special applications for mobile devices;
  • Remote wipe and others.

Following numerous reviews of board portals for nonprofits, Brainloop appears to be one of the most appreciated platforms. The most important advantages of the platform use specified by customers include:

  • Quality, safe, convenient, and efficient board communication;
  • An ability to access related papers, documents, and other materials before, during and after the meeting;
  • The maximal level of data protection;
  • Simplified planning that eases the task for secretary and manager.