Brainloop Board Portal

Brainloop Boardroom is a board management software developed by Brainloop AG. It is a German SaaS company headquartered in Munich. Brainloop AG was acquired by Diligent Corporation in July 2018.

The Brainloop virtual boardroom helps board directors share confidential information, arrange virtual meetings, prepare legal documents, and more.

Most common Brainloop Boardroom use cases include meetings- and documents management, post-merger integration, secure communications, pipeline management, capital raising, etc.

The Brainloop’s board portal helps over 1,000 companies enable effective corporate governance. Its clients include financial firms, nonprofits, businesses, legal organizations, and others.

Product capabilities

In their feedback and reviews, Brainloop users often admire the following functionalities.

Secure data storage

The Brainloop board management platform reduces printing, filing, and delivery costs associated with confidential documents. It helps board members become more agile in their duties, thanks to the following document management capabilities: 

  • Secure file storage. You can upload confidential materials to the encrypted board portal using drag-n-drop. You can create and rearrange folders and download board materials in bulk.
  • Document editing. Open and edit popular files, like PDF, MS Word, and Excel, in their native apps on the platform. Insert annotations, bookmarks, and text markups to documents.
  • Activity audits. The system tracks user activity and updates folders once someone modifies associated files. You can analyze activity with intuitive data insights, generate reports, and export business audits to Excel.
  • Convenient document search. You can search for documents and folders using a search bar. Also, locate specific content within documents using keywords.

Board meeting management

Brainloop Boardroom helps companies improve board meeting management with the following capabilities:

  • Meeting calendar. Create and schedule board meetings — assign dates, locations, and attendees. Send meeting invitations in bulk and view scheduled meetings in the calendar.
  • Events. You can create and distribute events across meeting attendees. Support board meetings with links to documents, folders, and board packs.
  • Corporate records. You can create meeting minutes using templates. Share them across board members to enhance post-meeting decisions.

Extensive project management capabilities

Brainloop enables advanced contract management. Board members can work together on one platform thanks to these features:

  • Voting functionalities. You can create management polls related to specific files, folders, or document collections. Assign voters, send notifications, and analyze voting results to improve approval process management.
  • Task management. You can assign tasks to board members and send them email notifications. You can also set task parameters — status, due date, description, collaborators, etc. 
  • Discussions and comments. Create discussions with attachments to support decision-making. You can leave comments under discussion subjects.
  • Messages. Board directors can reach out to each other directly on the platform. Members can also proceed to messengers and video conferencing platforms indicated in user profiles.

Brainloop helps users improve supervisory board communication and task management locally, having all board materials at their fingertips.

Securely managed meeting process

The Brainloop secure boardroom allows businesses to establish highly secure collaboration with the following cloud computing security features:

  • Secure access to the boardroom. Grant access permissions to users and groups of users. Define whether board members can access the boardroom, edit, download, print documents, etc.
  • Expiration policy and validity period limitation. Thanks to these settings, users can’t open downloaded documents or follow document links upon the access expiration date. You can also define the validity period to edit and download documents.
  • Item view restrictions. Hide confidential information from users, and they will never know about specific board packs.
  • Watermarking. Apply watermarks to documents and board packs. Allow or restrict users from downloading original documents.

The main advantages of Brainloop

Many corporate development teams consider Brainloop the best board management platform due to the numerous advantages it offers. Here are just some of the most frequently reported ones::

  • Intuitive one-screen experience. You can get used to tracking tasks, setting a mission-critical meeting, and adjusting permissions in a few sessions.
  • Knowledgeable service and client portals. The Brainloop board portal customer team is available round the clock. Customer support will also help you move from an outdated board management platform to Brainloop on your own client portal.
  • Mobile compatibility. Supervisory boards can host meetings on desktop, iOS, and Android mobile devices thanks to the cloud-based app. It simplifies overall project management, as board members can carry all board packs in their pockets.
  • Data security. Protect sensitive documents using single sign-on, bank-level encryption, and two-factor authentication besides regular password requirements. 
  • Security certificates. Brainloop AG complies with ISO 27001, FINMA RS 18/3, and TCDP security standards. You can download the respective certificates on the company website.
  • Flexible pricing plans. Customers get charged individually based on their project requirements.
  • Pre-configured business templates. You can download IPO, M&A, and dividend administration document templates on the website. Adjust them to your requirements or use them as they are.

Main disadvantages

Electronic signatures provide more capabilities to govern effectively. But Brainloop doesn’t provide functionalities to sign documents electronically. 

Also, some users say they spend some time getting used to the portal’s sophisticated features. But members of the customer team serve 24/7 and assist clients in onboarding.