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Diligent Board management software

Diligent board portal not only manages your documents, but it is a centralized digital tool that simplifies the task of governance leaders, setting tasks, adding value to the governance responsibilities and achieving better results. Diligent services are up-to-date, following all the modern tendencies and requirements. With the innovative options, you will be able to promote your organization to a whole new level. With over 450 thousand directors, executives and officers using Diligent boardbooks, it is approved to be an internationally accepted and appreciated meeting spot. The key benefits of the platform include:

  • Reliable online board meeting software, which attracts the attention of board directors, executives and government leaders with its industry-leading tools, high-security level, and intuitive solutions. With the platform, you can access the board materials and other papers easily from any part of the world and any device. Maintain organization and make proper decisions. Achieve the seamless sync of all the agendas, annotations and other important documents.
  • Entity management. Due Diligent management is the only source of truth when it comes to information associated with the entity, its workflow, and built-in processes. This option presupposes a simplified process of automatic chaining, decreasing any risks by staying compliant with all the global regulations. Additionally, this is a perfect way to stay integrated across all the departments and devices. Launch organization charting with Diligent UK and start planning, discussing and drawing conclusions with partners all around the world.
  • Safe and protected messenger. While communication is the primary purpose of Diligent boards, the safety of the platform is essential. With the innovative security system solution, the company offers inside and outside boardroom communication. Due Diligent also guarantees 100% privacy of the inner discussions and information exchange. Safe data uploading, previewing and sharing are the primary concerns of Diligent boards.

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