Diligent Boards overview

Diligent Boards is board management software developed by Digital Corporation, an American GRC software provider with over 25 years of experience.

Diligent Boards helps board directors arrange online board meetings, share confidential board meeting materials, and streamline GRC processes in a virtual boardroom.

The platform lets board members work in one site, enable secure messaging, manage agendas, meeting reports, etc.

Board members trust Diligent as its deeply knowledgeable employees provide round-the-clock support and extensive training.

This flexible software delivers solutions to financial entities, educational and nonprofit organizations, international businesses, and others.

Product capabilities

The Diligent Boards solution meets customer needs with the following product features.

Entity management system to centralize modern governance

The organization’s repository allows board users to share confidential board meeting materials and store board books and sensitive files. You can upload files in bulk in their original formats using a drag and drop feature.

Diligent Boards users appreciate this entity management system as it speeds up document preparations. Administrators can get immediate access to board files, skipping pre-upload file conversion and post-upload editing.

Board meeting management tools

A user-friendly dashboard has the following capabilities:

  • Online meetings to enable real-time collaboration
  • User invitations
  • Board presentations
  • Smart meeting minutes
  • Agenda planning
  • Meeting planning
  • Board book management
  • Note-taking tools

You can manage your boardroom in an online and offline mode.

Boardroom evaluation

The software tracks all actions within the boardroom and generates detailed activity reports. This feature helps Diligent Boards customers develop better corporate governance guidance.

Instant digital signatures and voting

Diligent Boards customers find streamlined voting, signature approvals, and surveys a time-saving addition to the boardroom. Admins can collect the director’s opinions, decide on meeting details, vote on budgets, etc.

Diligent messenger

The in-app messenger improves communications – members can discuss meetings, send each other attachments, and collaborate directly on the platform.

Diligent’s information management security features

Diligent Boards offers the world-class security features to enhance internal control processes:

  • Granular access permissions
  • AES 256-bit data encryption
  • Regular vulnerability scans and connection encryption

Plus, Diligent data centers meet the strictest security requirements.

24/7/365 customer service

Diligent employees provide regular webinar tutorials and support from the first board meeting. The customer service team replies to support calls, online chat messages, and emails round the clock.

The main advantages of the Diligent Boards solution

Board members trust Diligent as it offers the following advantages.

A mobile board portal

The Diligent Boards solution is available on desktop and mobile devices.

The mobile version allows you to work with meeting materials and archived board books, share board presentations and updated board books, use questionnaire tools, and more. It helps directors keep tabs on internal control processes from anywhere at any time.

Unlimited training resources

You can get immediate access to unlimited training resources from the customer service team – FAQs, webinars, articles, podcasts, in-person seminars, etc.

Main disadvantages

Some Diligent customers note a few disadvantages of the platform:

  • You have to ensure good internet connectivity to use a mobile boardroom.
  • Admins can’t edit questionnaires on behalf of directors.