eShare overview

eShare Limited is a corporate governance software provider with over 18 years of experience, headquartered in Newbury, Berkshire, England. It’s a part of Diligent Corporation, an American corporate governance company.

eShare helps 500+ businesses in 6+ countries organize better digital meetings, share documents faster, and collaborate smarter in a secure environment.

Its solutions allow board members to distribute board packs, easily manage meetings, share files, and more. It helps to arrange a business presentation and keep informed board members engaged before, during, and after physical board meetings.

eShare is perfectly suited for the corporate sector, nonprofit organizations, legal firms, and others as it transfers all your governance activities in one secure portal.

Product capabilities

eShare features the BoardPacks board portal app — a software platform for paperless meetings. It centers around digital document management, helping directors keep all board materials in one place. eShare’s top features include the following.

Meeting management and collaboration tools

The BoardPacks app by eShare offers an intuitive dashboard with the following meeting management features:

  • Interactive agenda planning. eShare allows users to create interactive meetings and agendas with attachable links, board documents, action items, attendees, and more. Board members can view meetings, meeting minutes, and action items while conferencing.
  • Action items. Create detailed action items with attachable links and papers. Share them across your board members and send notifications to keep them engaged when the meeting ends.
  • Survey capabilities. eShare users can create comprehensive surveys with documents and comments to boost decision-making before and after board meetings. Invite users in bulk and use survey templates for more convenience.
  • Navigation capabilities. Attendees can use an interactive map to see the meeting location. You can switch between road, bird’s eye, and terrain view styles. 

These capabilities allow board directors and administrators to save time on decision-making while also reducing the paperwork.

Smart board meetings and improved board communication

eShare features extensive voting and risk assessment functionalities to improve existing governance practices:

  • Online polls. Create customizable polls (decision items) and documents for approval and link them to agenda items. You can also include discussions, files, research items, and other papers in online polls to support decision-making.
  • Mass notifications. Select voters and adjust notifications to inform them about new and existing polls.
  • Decision data tracking. Track decision details — poll type, due date, voters, etc. You can also review polls using BoardPacks analytics.
  • Risk management. You can audit business risks in a respective module. Track and analyze existing risks using a heat map, assign dedicated managers, and import risk assessments from Excel.

BoardPacks clients appreciate remote voting and risk management functionalities as they contribute to faster, unbiased decisions, reducing pack mentality issues.

Document management

BoardPacks features a document repository with the following capabilities:

  • File upload and download. You can upload confidential materials to the board portal using a drag-n-drop feature. You can manage board materials offline once you upload them to the board portal.
  • Secure file viewer. You can open popular files like PDF, DOCX, XLSX, and images, in their native apps on the board portal. Users can also create new documents and edit existing ones however they need.
  • Document annotations. BoardPacks supports real-time document annotations on the platform. Open meeting papers within the file repository, create text markups, save changes, and distribute them across your teams.

Board administration tools

You can manage your boards securely via an administration module where you can control board portal rights for individual users or groups of users. It has the following capabilities:

  • User management. Create users and grant them individual permission to interact with selected folders and confidential materials. Select whether users can read only, contribute, or administer sensitive information.
  • User group management. You can create user groups with customizable permissions. Add users to groups and grant them content rights. These are the same as individual access rights — read-only, contribute, and control.

The main advantages of eShare board management software

As per user reviews on Capterra, SoftwareAdvice, and GetApp, customers choose BoardPacks board management software due to the following advantages:

  • Easy-to-use app. Many clients appreciate the board portal’s user-friendly interface. It features a one-page dashboard, allowing users to see all functionalities in one place. You can access different capabilities by switching between board portal tabs.
  • Remote access. The BoardPacks app is available on multiple devices – smartphones, tablets, personal computers, and laptops. You can install respective mobile and desktop applications for iOS, Android, and Windows devices or access meeting papers via your browser.
  • Multilingual support. The BoardPacks app is available in seven languages for iPad devices. Windows users can benefit from six languages, while the web version offers five languages.
  • Secure management of user data. You can enable password and two-factor authentication to protect your BoardPacks account.
  • Connection security. BoardPacks enables 256-bit SSL data transfer encryption across all devices.
  • Compliance. eShare applies physical and digital security features to its data centers following ISO 27001 security guidelines.
  • Educational training. Directors and admins can access eShare educational resources, including whitepapers, comprehensive FAQs, and board governance tutorials. You can also access YouTube guides or opt for personalized onboarding support.

Main disadvantages

eShare provides reliable customer service overall, but its support email may be unavailable in different time zones. It doesn’t work 24/7, although the company states the opposite.

However, customers can address round-the-clock phone support available in the UK, the USA, South Africa, and Australia.

Additionally, the company is terminating BoardPacks. Its customers are migrating to other platforms by Diligent Corporation, including BoardEffect and Diligent Boards.