Huddle Board Packs solution

Huddle is board management software by Ideagen, an English boardroom developer based in London, United Kingdom.

Huddle collaborative software supplies over 160,000 organizations with an effective solution to improve corporate governance.

It helps nonprofit organizations, private businesses, and public companies share board materials, communicate with shareholders, and collaborate on top-level affairs.

Product capabilities

Huddle board collaboration and governance platform helps executives and managers reduce duplicate tasks and boost team efficiency with the following capabilities.

Secure file sharing

You can collect and store unlimited business materials in one site, exchanging them between internal and external parties safely due to the following document management features:

  • Unlimited file storage. Upload files up to 10 GB each and share them with your members with a click of a button. It helps secretaries and directors eliminate email attachments while keeping board materials organized in one place.
  • Document viewer. Preview popular file formats, like DOCX, PDF, XLSX, and others directly on the platform. Users consider this feature a huge time saver as it reduces downloads and allows them to keep critical documents in the cloud.
  • Granular document permissions. Toggle printing, editing, downloading, sharing, and other permissions for each file. This capability helps admins onboard internal and external parties faster while keeping critical data secure.


Huddle collaboration software reduces organizational silos and enriches your boardroom with live, engaging, and productive communication. To do so, it offers the following collaboration features:

  • Workspace creator. Create folders, notes, MS Word, PDF, and PowerPoint files in Huddle. It relieves board members from third-party word processors, allowing them to channel their efforts into collaboration.
  • Approval process. Review, edit, annotate, and approve annual reports, budgets, meeting packs, and other materials. It helps users keep their workflows consistent, polished, and standardized across all teams.
  • Task management module. Create tasks, link collaborators, documents, and view progress against attached files. Huddle users can identify bottlenecks and prioritize goals using color-coded task summaries.
  • Messaging tools. Discuss agenda topics and respected tasks in the comments. Executives use this feature to keep their colleagues up-to-date due to notifications and @mentions.

Meeting management

You can organize remote meetings and collate professional board packs in a couple of clicks using these Huddle board management features:

  • Action calendar. Arrange meetings as action items in your workspace calendar. This feature helps Huddle users visualize meeting schedules, track attendees, and meet deadlines more efficiently.
  • Board pack compiler. Boardpacks by Huddle allow you to request up to 500 files at once, assign collaborators, set deadlines, and define file-gathering locations. Managers can access and compile agendas, meeting minutes, and necessary reports in one place.

Main advantages

Huddle software has a stellar reputation among corporate executives, impressive case studies, and a positive rating on Capterra, G2, Getapp, and other review platforms. Many companies choose it for the following advantages.

Security by design

Companies choose Huddle over other document repositories because it’s a security-first software. It meets ISO 27001, FedRAMP, U.K. GDPR, DPA 2018, and other security standards.

You can enable granular access permissions, two-factor authentication, and enterprise-grade SSO on all devices. 

All-around synchronization

This board portal is available on Windows, Mac, Android, and iOS devices. Most importantly,  users love Huddle software for board consistency as it syncs tasks, file versions, and comments across all systems and devices. 


Drag-n-drop upload, intuitive interface, and plug-and-play integrations make Huddle a convenient platform to share files and collaborate. Most users admit they need minimal time to get used to this board portal. 

Rich training resources

Huddle users can go through the onboarding process fast and smoothly due to comprehensive learning tools. 

You can maximize boardroom efficiency from day one due to a dedicated help center with how-to guides and technical documentation. Additionally, admins, managers, and general users can sign up for online training.

Helpful integrations

Huddle customers appreciate over 20 app integrations that connect and simplify their workflows from various ecosystems. Slack, Google Workspace, Microsoft 365, OneLogin, Salesforce, and many others – you can connect them all to Huddle in a few clicks.

Beyond that, you can automatically create Slack channels and automate other tasks using Microsoft Power Automate.

Main disadvantages

While Huddle offers excellent value, it has room for improvement. Some users face the following issues while working in this board portal.

Lack of agenda management tools

Huddle lacks an interactive agenda builder and meeting minutes’ recorder. Therefore, you have to write meeting minutes manually or use third-party apps. 

Still, this software has improved a lot over the years, and developers might add these capabilities in future updates.

Limited meeting functionality

Some users point out Huddle’s lack of meeting management. It doesn’t have built-in meetings. However, you can use tasks as a workaround, connect the Microsoft Outlook calendar, and attach remote meeting links to calendar items. 

Occasional usability issues

Some customers complain about a few usability issues, like short session timeouts or a lack of group chats. Nonetheless, Huddle reviews user feedback regularly and introduces new features accordingly.


How to start using Huddle?

To start using Huddle, visit its official website, complete a contact form, and schedule a free demo. The sales team will contact you to discuss your project and pricing options. 

How much does the Huddle online board portal cost?

Huddle offers a custom price quote tailored to your needs and requirements. You can contact customer support and check a feature comparison table for more information.

Does Huddle have a free trial?

You can sign up for a cancel-at-any-time 30-day free trial to test premium Huddle features and see whether they meet your expectations. 

Is Huddle worth the price?

Huddle collaborative software company offers great value for money, helping executives increase operational efficiency by 35%. Considering its robust board management tools and proven track record, Huddle is worth a try.