iBabs overview

iBabs is a digital platform that helps organize efficient board meetings for your entire team or future partners and share related documents through a secure environment. 

iBabs was founded in the Netherlands in 2014 and acquired by Euronext in 2017 for €30,100,000. The company is headquartered in Zwaag, Noord-Holland, Netherlands.

iBabs has become a popular platform for board directors and it’s praised for its user-friendly design. The company boasts more than 3000 users across Europe and 300,000 customers worldwide. 

iBabs is well-suited for small and large businesses in any sector requiring board meeting- and document management. Most clients of this board portal are from the healthcare, legal, financial, educational, and real estate sectors.

Also, all users can get a short training course regarding the whole administrative process cycle for a one-time fee of £995. If you need extra support, you can book a personal demo.

iBabs product capabilities

iBabs document management

Using iBabs, board members enjoy the search function and an automatic email notification feature. It also makes annotating documents for board members very intuitive and easy.

Apple users report using the iBabs app simultaneously from multiple devices and that the synchronization and archive possibilities are great. 

In addition, the iBabs app enables an offline mode if there’s no stable internet connection. Furthermore, iBabs provides users with a searchable archive, which converts any document to PDF format with one click.

iBabs board meeting management

Some users have mentioned that iBabs helps to collaborate easily with other board members. In fact, iBabs users report a voting feature with an automatic count of votes. It makes each meeting more than just a discussion, turning the results into an easy-to-track and analyzable data set.

iBabs makes video conferencing meetings simpler than ever before. Users report a stable connection, great functionality, and an easy process for creating meeting summaries or records.

Decision-making is much easier as well. iBabs facilitates cooperation thanks to an automated organizer that can distribute board packs in just a few seconds via the user’s current mail system.

iBabs security

iBabs provides a platform-independent app that allows authorized users to access meetings and documentation from any type of device. This simple app is available on PC, Mac, and iOS devices. Two-factor authentication can be activated in every app version.

To protect sensitive data, iBabs uses 256-bits AES encryption. All servers with user data are located in Europe. Also, all internal procedures and processes meet ISO 27001 and ISO 27002 standards.

Additionally, iBabs provides a role-based access model. This allows a meeting participant to be given permission easily by the director or secretary to print or download documents, including large PDF files, videos, images, and presentations.

iBabs main advantages

As per user reviews, iBabs is a great board portal that makes board meetings significantly easier and more productive. Below are a few highlights of positive feedback that iBabs users most often report:

  • Meeting facilitation. iBabs makes work easier and helps users make more informed decisions and conduct board meetings faster.
  • Competitive pricing. iBabs offers a very competitive price for its Business clients — only £10 per user for the whole environment and features. Enterprise iBabs clients (100+ users) should request custom pricing.
  • Accessible FAQ and knowledge base. When external users open iBabs, they can access the most updated versions of FAQ and libraries even without registering.
  • Easy data migration. If the organization was using some other tools for online meetings, they can easily transfer all the information from the previous board portal into iBabs.
  • Meeting automation. Thanks to ready-made minutes templates and numerous automation features, users can save hours preparing agendas for their meetings.
  • Fast file conversion. Extremely large PDF files, such as usage instructions, training materials, or corporate governance, can be quickly and easily converted to any format via the built-in PDF converter.
  • Approachable support team. Fast, easy to communicate with, and a diligent support desk for all users is available 24/7.
  • Access across any device. Users can download a dedicated app for their Android or iOS smartphone device, use the browser version of iBabs, or download a PC version with the capability to install other software packages.
  • Short-term access possibility. If users are interested in a short-term collaboration with iBabs, they can get access to the board portal on a convenient weekly basis.

iBabs main disadvantages

No digital solution is perfect — and neither is iBabs. Here are this software’s most reported disadvantages:

  • Some users mentioned occasional bugs. Among them are poor connections to Outlook and a few other software packages.
  • The Windows 10 iBabs app version works slower than other platforms. Many users recommend working via macOS and iOS devices.
  • Some customers also reported a complex navigational interface. The software could benefit from usability advancements.