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Just like any other board portal vendor, iBabs focuses on making meetings more effortless, fast, and productive for directors. The software allows members of the board to communicate efficiently, get ready for discussions, and make better decisions that comply with the opinions of each director. iBabs gives members of the board control over the situation while protecting sensitive corporate information and safeguarding organizations from data leaks.

iBabs board meeting software

Let’s take a look at the features iBabs board portal offers. 

To help directors prepare for a meeting, this provider allows them to upload files and attach them to a particular agenda for others to find the information easily. They can control who can have access to files, and work with PDF documents easily thanks to the high-speed PDF conversion. Overviews and calendars make it possible for users to swiftly find the needed items and stay up-to-date regarding upcoming meetings, appointments, goals, decisions, and other details. Finally, directors can easily add participants to make sure everyone can get ready for a discussion.

During the meeting participants can edit documents in a real-time mode — the files get updated and synchronized automatically. Also, in iBabs documents, users can write and draw as if they’re using a real piece of paper. Then they can share these notes with each other. 

After the meeting, users can save and export all the decisions and minutes of the meeting to make sure everything is tracked and nothing gets lost. Also, directors can create action points and share notes and updates to communicate with other members about changes and keep an eye on the activities. Finally, directors can access records of meetings whenever they need that.

Main advantages of iBabs

This vendor provides directors with every single tool they need to hold efficient meetings and control the activity of the company afterward. All the participants will receive automatic emails or push notifications when something is changed. And everyone will be able to find the needed information in a blink of an eye. 

iBabs board portal will protect your corporate information with reliable AES-256 bit encryption that’s considered to be the strongest one so far. All the servers of this provider are safeguarded from hackers, therefore, you remain safe from data leaks. iBabs is compliant with all ISO requirements — it makes this virtual boardroom suitable for businesses from all the fields since it meets international security standards. And since you will have full control over who can access files, your documents remain absolutely safe.

iBabs software is compatible with all devices and offers seamless integration with your document management system. It means that the files will be available for sharing with other participants of the meeting. The interface of this tool looks the same on desktop and mobile, so you won’t get confused when switching between devices.

Even though the interface of iBabs board portal is simple, sometimes users might need help. In this case, the support team is always ready to step in and help you solve any issue you’re facing. The specialists are available around the clock.

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