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The provider aims to remain independent to offer a neutral space for anyone. Also, its goal is to create business open-source tools that will simplify the collaboration and make it possible to teamwork effectively despite anything.

Loomio board meeting software

This provider offers a whole bunch of tools that will help directors make better decisions faster even if they’re located in different countries.

First of all, Loomio board portal offers a time poll feature that allows everyone to set a convenient date for the upcoming meeting. Thanks to the proposal function, all members of the board can tell their thoughts so that everyone becomes aware of each other’s intentions before the meeting. Also, directors can rank choices to figure out what options are better for the company.

The unique tool Loomio offers are polls and proposals. Even though such a feature is present in most virtual boardrooms, this provider executed it differently. Users can use them within discussion threads, and there are different kinds of polls. The most interesting one is Check — it allows tracking how many people have completed the task or asking others to take part in some activity. Additionally, there are different kinds of votes that will let directors understand which decision will benefit everyone.

If you look at the features, you’ll see that most of them are focused on teams being able to understand the thoughts of each member and make better decisions everyone will agree to. Thus, even those directors who couldn’t be present at the meeting can express their opinions with Loomio.

Main advantages of Loomio

The most significant advantage of Loomio is that it’s an open-source tool. It means, that teams can configure it so that the software fits the specific needs of the company. And the different kinds of polls and votes will simplify the decision-making process and let directors see various opinions and view the issue from different angles. 

Loomio is rather affordable — it’s only $30 per month. This subscription allows 10 active users and unlimited subgroups, discussions, and decisions. If your company needs space for more participants — each additional user will cost only $3 per month. Larger boards of directors can ask this provider to create a customized plan. Nonprofits and volunteer groups get special prices and discounts.

In the case, if you’re not sure whether this board portal is a good fit for you, Loomio offers a 14-day free trial, and we encourage you to use it.

If you need help, there are extensive user guides that can explain how to solve the issues you’ve faced. Also, you can contact Loomio support team via the website or email. Specialists usually get back to customers quite fast, so you can expect your problem to get solved rapidly.