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Nasdaq Directors Desk

Nasdaq Directors Desk is suitable for any kind of organization — public, private, and non-profit. The provider’s servers are located in the United States, Canada, and Europe to ensure the fastest connection for customers. Also, Nasdaq offers support teams located in several countries — therefore, users can get help in their language and at a convenient time.

Directors Desk board meeting software

This board portal is mostly focused on reducing the amount of time directors need to prepare for a meeting thus as well reducing the time spent on the discussion. Directors Desk allows users to upload, store, and share safely corporate files. It means that each member of the board can gather the papers that are relevant for an upcoming meeting and share them with others to let them familiarize themselves with the information. As a result, everyone can study files in advance to arrive at the meeting being already aware of a current situation.

Additionally, Nasdaq Directors Desk offers a voting tool and surveys for directors to gather and express the opinions of each other. Also, the Digital Agenda will let everyone add issues to build a workflow for an upcoming discussion. Those members of the board who’re away from the office can participate in the meeting with a Remote Presenter feature. And the meeting minutes can be captured within this board portal. Finally, with the eSignature tool directors can sign documents using their mobile devices.

In addition to that, Directors Desk offers various collaboration tools such as private chats, team rooms, discussion threads, and annotation sharing. And if someone loses their device or gets it stolen, the Remote Purge feature will eliminate the corporate information from this gadget.

Main advantages of Directors Desk

Nasdaq Directors Desk is a solid virtual boardroom that combines all the useful tools required for productive teamwork among board members. It offers a rather simple interface that will be easy to use even for the least tech-savvy directors. And if anyone faces issues with this software, they can get help 24/7 — support teams around the globe are always ready to come to the rescue.

Since it’s a web-based board portal, users don’t need to download anything to begin using Directors Desk. However, on-premise and private cloud deployment options are available. Also, Nasdaq is available in 5 other languages besides English. And Directors Desk is compatible with all devices and browsers offering users a unified experience.

Moreover, this provider offers impeccable security by protecting its servers with bank-grade encryption and multi-factor authentication. The permission control feature allows directors to make sure only authorized users can access the workspace thus protecting sensitive corporate information from theft. Finally, the Remote Purge feature will come in handy if a device of one of the directors gets lost or stolen — it will wipe all the information from it.