DirectorsDesk overview

Directors Desk is a paperless board portal developed by Nasdaq, an American business solution provider with over 50 years of experience.

Directors Desk allows board members to gather remote meetings, share information, and collaborate in a secure environment.

This board portal delivers information solutions to corporate executives in many industries, including but not limited to financial, information technology, healthcare, legal, etc.Directors Desk helps private equity firms, banks, legal institutions, nonprofit organizations, small businesses, and others improve board communications and make better decisions faster.

Product capabilities

Directors Desk provides the following board management functionalities:

Fast document sharing

Designed as a paperless board, Directors Desk has a file-sharing repository where you can upload, download, share, and store documents. 

This portal allows you to reduce hard copies of board materials as you can distribute unlimited business files across your teams, skipping the redundant paperwork.

A board management tool

Directors Desk offers corporate secretaries and board directors a set of tools to improve board communications:

  • Meeting calendars. You can schedule and conduct remote meetings, create agendas, and share them with board members.
  • Online voting and survey tools. Conduct votes and surveys to speed up minor decisions and gather executives’ opinions.
  • E-signature. Sign documents electronically at any time instead of working with papers.
  • Meeting minutes. Generate and analyze meeting minutes to keep everyone engaged post-meeting.
  • Online chat. Discuss agendas and collaborate in a secure app chat.
  • Boardroom activity reports. Conduct audit trail and generate detailed insights.

Directors Desk users appreciate the software as its versatile tools speed up remote board management.

Plus, it accelerates workflows as board directors and administrators can no longer waste time switching between different applications. Instead, they can streamline business organization on an all-in-one management site.

Sophisticated access and privacy controls

Directors Desk allows administrators to control what content users and groups of users can interact with across the boards. Nasdaq customers admire granular access controls and two-factor authentication that keep sensitive data protected. Plus, you can delete registered users from the boards without reinstalling the app. Lastly, you can remotely wipe sensitive data off the stolen or lost devices and apply watermarks to board books.

Main Nasdaq Directors Desk advantages

Businesses choose Directors Desk due to the following advantages:

An entire boardroom at your fingertips

Directors Desk’s web version is available on Desktop and mobile devices, while Apple customers can benefit from the iOS board available on iPad. 

Board directors can access limitless notes and documents and conduct meetings and surveys on the go. It keeps meeting details organized, relieving corporate executives from carrying many paper board books.

Convenient board management features

Customers love Directors Desk software due to its handy features that ease daily routines:

  • Board book updates
  • Offline viewing
  • Real-time document annotations and text markups
  • Integrated online maps to help you get to the meeting

Reliable security features

Directors Desk applies industry-leading security measures:

  • Two-factor authentication with RSA physical and soft token support.
  • Connection and data encryption.
  • Secure data centers are monitored and audited round the clock

Main disadvantages

The software has a sophisticated interface that requires plenty of clicks to get the job done. Some Directors Desk customers say they have to play around with the software for a while to get used to the interface and functionalities.