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Pervasent Board Papers

One of the reasons why Pervasent decided to create its board portal software is the desire to improve the ecological situation. Board Papers allows companies to reduce the amount of paper they’re using and limit the harmful impact of printers.

Pervasent board meeting software 

Pervasent Board Papers doesn’t offer many features as its main focus is to replace real printed board books. And we have to say that the solution is elegant — this software is very simple, easy to use, and more convenient than printed books as directors can access the information from any location at any moment.

Board Papers was initially built for smartphones and tablets, so it works perfectly with touchscreen gadgets. It also is compatible with desktop devices. Pervasent presents every meeting as a separate book, and users can navigate through it with just a couple of finger taps. Also, directors can mark certain parts in documents, sign them, and hold votes to find out the opinions of others. Board Papers works very fast, and users don’t experience any delays going through documents and pages.

Pervasent leveraged the security of SharePoint and Office 365 for its Board Papers software, and the boardroom is seamlessly synchronized with SharePoint. You can upload your files to it and manage agendas, and all the documents will be automatically downloaded to the devices of other directors once the files are available. Board Papers is also synchronized with Office 365, so you will maintain complete control of your sensitive corporate information.

Main advantages of Board Papers 

Pervasent created a rather specific tool that replaces physical printed board books and allows directors to get ready for meetings in advance as they can have access to all the required files before the discussion. Even though Board Papers doesn’t serve as a complete board portal as it doesn’t have many communication tools and other features that are considered to be standard for such a tool, it’s still a very useful business instrument. 

The fact that it’s compliant with all the security regulations makes Board Papers by Pervasent perfectly suitable for any business. Therefore, all companies can use this tool to simplify the filesharing process and improve the efficiency of directors during meetings. Additionally, you can keep in mind that by replacing prints board books with a digital one you lower your carbon footprint since you’re not wasting so much paper, and you’re not using printer so often. Thus, you can build a more eco-friendly approach to the work in your company.

Pervasent offers both a free demo and a free trial for Board Papers, and we advise you to use this opportunity to test the software and ensure that it fits your needs.