Pervasent Board Papers

Pervasent overview

Pervasent was founded in 2008 as a company to help store documents, board papers, and any other data for paperless meetings. The company has two main headquarters: Oakland, CA, and Göteborg, Sweden.

Pervasent’s clients include various small and large-sized businesses and government organizations. Thus far, most of Pervasent’s use cases represent the financial, educational, non-profit, and legal sectors.

There are two main products available now. Both products make paperless meetings easy and effective:

  • Board papers. Using Pervasent’s board portal, directors can assemble board and meeting packs in one central location — a SharePoint dashboard. Using a book-like app, meeting participants can review and annotate documents easily.
  • Team papers. This solution is a valuable extension of Microsoft Teams, allowing board members to create agendas and tables of contents, arrange documents in subfolders, review and annotate meeting materials easily — all in a convenient book-like app.

For now, Board Papers and Team Papers storage provide an app for every platform, including Windows, Mac, Android, and iOS. Users can get simultaneous access to all of their documents and board papers from any browser on any device. 

Pervasent pricing is pretty flexible. You can use Pervasent solutions for free for teams of less than 20 members. Also, the company offers discounts to non-profit organizations. Book a demo to learn more about Team Papers and Board Papers options.

Product capabilities

The company’s primary purpose is to help meeting organizers in different companies store their documents, exchange them securely, and conduct paperless meetings in a convenient and hassle-free way. After reviewing customer feedback, it looks like Pervasent has succeeded in achieving its purpose. Plus, they introduce more options and features often and do a good job updating their software based on user comments.

Customers find it valuable to use Pervasent Board Papers and Team Papers’ services simultaneously. Board Papers allow creating meeting agendas, using organizational electronic signatures, and keeping a board’s paperwork or any other corporate data safe — while Team Papers have many more features for personal use.

Pervasent file management

  • Allows for the creation of voting forms. A ready-made voting form is ready with just one tap during meetings.
  • Easy to navigate search system. A flexible AI-based document-search system will help you find any document with just a few clicks.
  • Full control of document access. This feature allows you to protect sensitive content from being accessed, copied, or downloaded, while maintaining full control over its digital copies, unlike with printed board documents.

Pervasent board meetings management

  • Easy to navigate and connect meetings list. Access any meeting with a single tap.
  • You can create a few meetings at the same time. Launch a few meetings simultaneously and switch between active meetings if needed.
  • Built-in tools for sending messages to team members. Contact team members and business partners easily with a convenient, easy-to-use messenger.
  • Effective solution for recurrent meetings. Rely on a set of ready-to-use, customizable templates available for any recurrent meeting.
  • A log for meeting organizers and directors. Use a special log to track meeting members’ exact actions.
  • Flexible role-based model. Grant or take away file access from different team members with just a few clicks.

Pervasent security

  • Synchronization with Microsoft teams and SharePoint. Ensure proper, fully-authorized access to your sensitive data. Pervasent doesn’t have direct access to your confidential documents, as all files are securely stored on Microsoft or SharePoint servers.
  • 256-bits AES encryption. Ensure your board meetings and documentation are 100% secured with 256-bits AES encryption.
  • Two-step verification. Enable two-step verification to prevent unauthorized access to your account and data.
  • 24/7 effective support. Get full assistance via email, phone, chat, or the company’s website to help resolve your issues.

Main advantages

Pervasent Board Papers are highly praised for their convenient search functionality, access across various operating systems and devices, and approachable 24/7 customer support. Other benefits included:

  • Easy to understand interface
  • Electronic sign
  • A broad range of pricing options with a demo
  • The ability to store any type of data and content
  • The capability of improving board meetings and providing additional rights to users and partners
  • Android, iOS app, macOS, and Windows versions of apps available
  • Secure cloud access to a web-based Pervasent version
  • The power to create a Sharepoint with any user and grant secured access to your data

Main disadvantages

Some companies and customers find Pervasent functionality insufficient. Generally, most directors have no complaints about Pervasent’s document management functions, but they mention that some meeting management functions are lacking. In fact, among the services missed are:

  • Member directory
  • Minutes management
  • Agenda templates