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BoardMaps offers businesses the board meeting management software. It will not only allow holding virtual meetings but significantly improve real-life ones and the workflow of the board of directors in general. In BoardMaps, all the current issues are gathered in scope to increase visibility and make sure directors don’t forget about any single matter they need to solve. This scope also eases the preparation process – the responsible member can create an agenda of the upcoming meeting, picking out specific issues from the scope. The agenda establishes a plan of the event allowing all directors to get ready for the discussion more precisely. 
The United Kingdom becomes more and more attractive for businesses due to recent political and economic changes. However, companies here face some additional challenges. European business owners don’t have to go through much hassle holding board meetings with remote members of the board and partners. But entrepreneurs from the UK have to bear a somewhat lasting flight.


iDeals Virtual Board Room is a revolutionary platform that enables improved meeting preparation and holding. As a result, the committees and executives can concentrate their attention on the programs and initiatives rather than preparation and administration. With the help of the virtual board room, the meeting is focused on making some decisions and linking them to actions.

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The platform serves as an effective solution aimed at top-quality and completely confidential communications. The innovative digital platform makes board communication significantly more professional still adhering to the compliance requirements.

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Diligent boardportal not only manages your documents, but it is a centralized digital tool that simplifies the task of governance leaders, setting tasks, adding value to the governance responsibilities and achieving better results.

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eShare is an exclusive digital directory boards provider that is aimed at the promotion of companies. With the help of the platform, directors and managers can organize the correct functioning of the company and run the business with international partners.

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Easy-to-use, modern and 100% protected mobile board meetings software is available within Broadeffect. When using the platform, managers and directors can significantly improve the organizational methods, strengthen the advantages and follow the trends of the market. All the best tools and modern solutions are available within the platform.